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Myomectomy, What Is This? - Dr. McLucas (VIDEO)

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Myomectomy, What Is This? - Dr. McLucas (VIDEO)
Myomectomy, What Is This? - Dr. McLucas (VIDEO)
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Listen as Dr. McLucas explains what a myomectomy is.

Dr. McLucas:
A myomectomy is a surgical technique to remove myomas, which is the medical term for fibroids, out of the uterus by cutting them out and then sewing the uterus back together again. Myomectomy can be done most commonly through a bikini incision in the abdomen. Sometimes it can be done through a smaller endoscopic technique, through a small incision using a TV camera. Occasionally, it could be done by going through the cervix. All of these myomectomy techniques don’t change the basic disease. Fibroids will come back and further away from the menopause you are, the more likely you are to have a recurrence. Overall, probably 50% of women who had a myomectomy have them come back.

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