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Michelle King Robson: Women's Libidos In Need Of A Boost -- From The Naughty American

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Women's Libidos In Need Of A Boost -- From The Naughty American

PHOENIX (Wireless Flash) -- The way to a woman's heart is through her healthy, active libido.

Michelle King Robson is the founder of EmpowHer.com -- the Internet's first online medical encyclopedia for women -- and she says women's sexual enhancement is an issue that's often overlooked.

While men have Viagra to fall back on, there's no supplement available in the U.S. to boost women's sex drives -- just tired advice from doctors who know little about what it really takes to revive a woman's sexual desire.

"Doctors will often tell women to work on their marriages or touch themselves more, but that's not it," Robson explained. "Women need to be informed about how their hormones work, and be tested for testosterone levels.

"Women need testosterone for their libidos. If they don't have enough, it's hard to feel sexy."

Through her online encyclopedia, King Robson hopes to lay women's sexual health out on the table, and one day get a "pink pill" approved that will be the female equivalent of Viagra.

Men will also benefit from healthier lady libidos.

"It's in everyone's best interest to raise awareness about this," she said. "As I always say, `If Mom's happy, everyone's happy!'"

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