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What Are The Top Three Skin Myths? - Celeste Hilling (VIDEO)

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Listen as Celeste shares the top three skin myths women encounter.

The first myth I think is pervasive is if it says medical that it is transforming in some way, and the bottom line today is that there are lots of marketing messages out there on green and organic, and then you look under the cover and it is all synthetics or medical and on transformational. I think that you can not look at the verbiage of what is on the package; you have to really look at the formulation. What is in it, and what about this active ingredient is proven to really make a change? So I think it is not reading the marketing material, but looking at the actual formulation itself. The other is that it is always newer, then it is better, that somehow there is all these fads. You know, I do not know if you remember copper peptide, but copper peptide came and went. If I had a . . . gold, remember we put gold leaf all over our body in the spas and then there was cinnamon and chocolate. So the question really is, you know, is it a fad or is it something sustainable? So just because it is a new ingredient does not mean that it is a proven ingredient. So I think making sure that there is real science behind it is an important part of it, and then the last thing is that, that more is better. That somehow by applying more of a great product you are going to get a better result, and the truth is that if it is a great product, you do not have to use much to get a great result, and many times less is better.

When you look at a product line like ours, it is completely results-oriented; it is transformational, truly. From the first time you apply to three months later, you are still seeing great results, so it is not a cosmetic coverup. You look at the fact that you pay less than $45 a month for product, and you walk down the aisle of the Longs Drug Store, and when you look at a half ounce of standard over-the-counter brand, it is $19.99 a half ounce, so you look at a four-ounce professional product, and it is much cheaper. So in many cases a better product can be less expensive for you and give you a better result. Most important thing you find today, if you look at almost every lifestyle enhancing program--weight loss, healthy eating, cardiac improvement, working out--80% of successful programs have some form of coaching. You know, at the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program, the personal trainer at the gym, and skin care is no different. It is for life. My skin looks dramatically different than it did 25 years ago, unfortunately in 25 years before that. So, I am always going to go through these changes, and I always need to change up my regimen, my workout schedule if you will, to adapt to where my life is, and so that coaching becomes invariable because I do not always know what to do next. And the fact that they are licensed professionals, and we really have built our life’s partner program around that idea of being with you throughout your whole life and all the changes you encounter and coached people through, because of that, just like every other managed program, we see an 80% improvement the way those programs do from that coaching, and so through our destination partners and through our 1-866-325-Skin support, you see that kind of success.

With more than 25 years of experience successfully developing and executing strategic business, product and marketing plans for consumer technology companies, Ms. Hilling is a founder and CEO of Skin Authority, the leading provider of medical grade skin care services and products in the United States. Utilizing a rare combination of business leadership, technical knowledge, and expertise in consumer branding, Ms. Hilling and her team have built a leading nationwide network of authorized skin wellness centers operating within medical practices; destination and resort spas; and large, regional day spa chains. Built upon a sophisticated technology backbone and professional workforce, Skin Authority is well on its way to a global leadership position.

As an example of her ability to execute, Ms. Hilling has developed two companies in the last twelve years, each of which were acquired by the leading publicly held company in its industry segment. In both instances, Ms. Hilling emerged as a strategic officer of the publicly held entities, President/CEO of the Day Spa Group of Steiner Leisure Ltd. and Vice President of Compaq Computer’s Consumer Division, respectively. Prior to her experience at Compaq Computers, Ms. Hilling also held executive level positions at Wyse Technologies and Xerox Corporation.

As a highly sought-after speaker on the topic of medical skin care, Ms. Hilling has made numerous television appearances and has been interviewed by several business and trade publications such as Forbes and Business Week.

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