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What Should Women Should Look For In A Sunscreen? - Celeste Hilling (VIDEO)

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Listen as Celeste shares what women should look for when choosing a sunscreen.

You know, the most important thing that you want to look for in a sunscreen is “full spectrum protection.” What do I mean by full spectrum? That means “protection from UVA and UVB.” There is two types of rays out there, UVA are aging rays. UVB is easy to remember; A for aging, B for burning, so UVB are burning rays. We have traditionally always known what UVB was, because that is what SPF measures. Interestingly enough, most of us do not know that SPF only protects us from one form of ray, and in fact it is the least dangerous form of ray. It burns us; it does not feel good, but it is not going to scramble our DNA, give us mutated cells, or necessarily age us dramatically. Whereas, when you look at UVA, those are really the major culprits behind that. So you really want to look for full spectrum sunscreen that protects you from UVA and UVB, and the great thing is that the FDA has now come out with a new four-star rating system that tells you from zero to four stars. Zero meaning the least amount of protection, to four stars the most, how much UVA protection you are getting. So you want to look for sunscreen that has an SPF 15 or higher and a four-star UVA rating system.

With more than 25 years of experience successfully developing and executing strategic business, product and marketing plans for consumer technology companies, Ms. Hilling is a founder and CEO of Skin Authority, the leading provider of medical grade skin care services and products in the United States. Utilizing a rare combination of business leadership, technical knowledge, and expertise in consumer branding, Ms. Hilling and her team have built a leading nationwide network of authorized skin wellness centers operating within medical practices; destination and resort spas; and large, regional day spa chains. Built upon a sophisticated technology backbone and professional workforce, Skin Authority is well on its way to a global leadership position.

As an example of her ability to execute, Ms. Hilling has developed two companies in the last twelve years, each of which were acquired by the leading publicly held company in its industry segment. In both instances, Ms. Hilling emerged as a strategic officer of the publicly held entities, President/CEO of the Day Spa Group of Steiner Leisure Ltd. and Vice President of Compaq Computer’s Consumer Division, respectively. Prior to her experience at Compaq Computers, Ms. Hilling also held executive level positions at Wyse Technologies and Xerox Corporation.

As a highly sought-after speaker on the topic of medical skin care, Ms. Hilling has made numerous television appearances and has been interviewed by several business and trade publications such as Forbes and Business Week.

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