Topamax is an anticonvulsant drug used to treat epilepsy. It is also used to prevent migraines. Between 2007-2010, there were 32.3 million prescriptions for Topamax filled out. Now the U.S. Food ...

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I'm so scared of all of the recent commercials I've seen on TV about Topamax as well as other kinds of drugs (like anti-depressants) and birth defects. Im coming off of my psych meds and trying ...

Topamax, Anti-depressants & Pregnancy Concerns


Are you still sticking with your “old school” manual toothbrush? A Women’s Health article found online stated that ditching your old toothbrush and opting instead for a battery or ...

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so... im off my birth control... when should I really try (as far as monitoring my period ect.) when is the best time to try and get pregnant?

when to try and try


I've heard the old wives tale that the pregnancy of a girl take the beauty of the mother during pregnancy, but... My best friend is due this summer with a little girl and is recently having ...

Changing facial features and pregnancy


I've been taking birth control for over teen years and this months i firgot to take three pills in a row then I took one and then forgot for another 4 days so i just decided to not take the rest ...

stopping birth control mid pack


My boyfriend is bi-polar, but he will not get medical help. I trust his choice in this. It's his life. His grandpa that he most closely related to was bi-polar w/o medication as well, and I feel ...

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