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Best Health Advice: Will You Share?

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Best Health Advice: Will You Share?
Best Health Advice: Will You Share?
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Gabrielle recalls the best health advice she has ever received.

The very best health advice I have ever been given is actually a series of things, but it is one thing. Take really good care of yourself now because our bodies unfortunately are rotting and decaying as we speak, so you want to do everything to perpetuate the best life so that when you are old, your quality of life will be good.

If I had one word of advice to women and this is heartfelt, do not drink coffees and do not drink sodas because I think that they are damaging people and they have no idea. I understand that coffee is the number one cause of bone cancer, it causes high cholesterol, it tends to have people be overweight, it runs your heart really hard, and I hope that all women will take care of themselves and realize that we are going to be old some day and you want to have a really good quality of life and feel as good as you can for as long as you can.

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