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Chinese Medicine: How Did It Help Your Sick Mother?

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Chinese Medicine: How Did It Help Your Sick Mother?
Chinese Medicine: How Did It Help Your Sick Mother?
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Gabrielle recalls how Chinese medicine helped her mother surpass the life expectancy made by traditional Western doctors.

My mother lived with my husband and I for five years, and during that time she fell down and she broke her hip. And she was taken to the emergency room, and the doctor said that she would only be able to live about eight months.

And I thought, “Well, that's just the way it is.” And I called a doctor of Oriental medicine out, and I wanted him to evaluate her condition and see what he thought and see if there was any way he could help her. And he came out, and we discussed diet, and he was very, very kind to her.

I remember he called her mother whenever he came, and she loved that. He was young and handsome, and it was a wonderful experience, but more than that he helped her because she did not have any appetite when she came back from the hospital. And her skin was a kind of a gray color, which I knew instinctively was not good. And I figured it was downhill from there, but he said, "No, you know what, with the proper diet, proper care, and a lot of love I think your mother can live a long, long time." And I was really thrilled and delighted.

So I put her on a very specific diet of white meat chicken, rice porridge, and steamed vegetables. And the doctor was able to stimulate her the first time he came so she was hungry. She ate four or five meals a day, good meals a day and I noticed her progress immediately.

Later on, I would say about two or three years, she surpassed the Western doctors that she would only live a few more months, maybe eight months max. Three years later she did have labored breathing one day, and it was really bad, and I did call 911. And the paramedics came, and I did not really know what to do, and I could tell it was too critical to wait for the doctor of Oriental medicine to come.

And the paramedic came, and there is lot of confusion when that is going on, and he said, “What pills is your mother on?” and I said, “None.” He said, “Ma'am, I know you are upset. I know you are confused, but you have got to get yourself together so you can tell me what medicines she is on.” I said, “She is not on any medicine, and that is why she is alive this long.” And he told me never in his career as a paramedic has he ever heard that an elderly person in their late 80s was not on at least 10 or 12 prescription pills. And I felt really good about that because I knew that I was doing the right thing to help my mother the way I could.

And she continued to live after that. She went to Cedars-Sinai at that point and she had pneumonia really, really bad. And the doctor told me that after two weeks of intravenous antibiotics that he said they had given up hope, and if we could come and collect her because she was going to pass away in three to five days. And I accepted that because I knew she had a long trek of it, and we had all worked to put everything in to keeping her well, and we went to get her, and she did not look good.

And I called the doctor of Oriental medicine, and I said, "You know what," I said, "I just was calling to let you know what has happened, to thank you for everything you have done for my mother," and I said, "I think we are at the end of the road. The doctor said she has only got maybe three to five days to live." So he said, "Would it be okay if I came out to see her?" I said, "Of course, I would be delighted."

He came out, he looked at her, he pulled her eyelids up, he pulled her bottom eyelids down, he looked at her gums, he looked in her nose, he looked at her fingernails, he looked at her skin color, he looked at her feet and her toes, he examined her everywhere you could imagine. I mean, it was really interesting; I could not imagine what all that was for. He looked at her tongue. He looked at her teeth. He looked at everything, and he was quiet for a second. He said, “I think three treatments.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “I think three treatments, she should be fine and pneumonia free.”

I was astonished. I could not believe it and she did not look good, and she was not her normal self. After the treatment, I would say he was there at 11 o’clock, by 3 o’clock in the afternoon she demanded to eat; she was back to her old thing. She wanted to know what shows were on and she lived after that to be 90 years old.

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