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Pneumonia: Was Chinese Medicine The Cure?

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Pneumonia: Was Chinese Medicine The Cure?
Pneumonia: Was Chinese Medicine The Cure?
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Gabrielle recalls how Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatments were successfully used treat her mother with pneumonia.

This is how I think my mom was cured with Chinese medicine, how her pneumonia was cured. The doctor came out and she got an initial acupuncture treatment after she had come home from Cedars-Sinai and they only gave her three to five days to live.

He had a very special herbal treatment that we cooked. It was tea, it was raw herbs that were cooked, and he suggested we give it to her every 2 hours, that, along with 3 acupuncture treatments. He felt that would completely clear up her pneumonia with proper diet and every two hours. I asked him, “How much can I give it to her?” He said, “Three times a day.” I said, “How much was the maximum I could do?” He said, “If you really wanted to do the right thing, every two hours.”

So I got up every two hours and made sure she got hot tea. Woke her up and gave her the hot tea, the herbal prescription that he prescribed, and I noticed immediately after the first acupuncture treatment, her skin color came back and she was acting normal. And her breathing was labored, but she was acting normal and I would say immediately after that I noticed a change for the better, and then after the three times the pneumonia was completely gone; the pneumonia that they told me at Cedars-Sinai could not be cured by three different rounds of drip intravenous antibiotic.

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