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Gluten Intolerance, Melanoma and Night Blindness: Top ASKS of the Week

By HERWriter
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This week we saw a wide variety of questions come into our community. Women asked about skin cancer, irregular bowel movements and night blindness. Our moderators provided resources and answers to these health questions as well as many others. Do you have a health question you need an answer for? Post it to our community, and we promise to respond within 24 hours.

Here are some of our top ASKs in the EmpowHER community this week.

1. I've had a dark streak in my small toenail for years, and it has changed in color and size. Could it be melanoma skin cancer?

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A: Size does NOT matter when it come to your health. Skin changes always need to be checked by a doctor or dermatologist. It may be nothing at all or it could be. All cancers start out tiny. So do humans and plants and animals! Read the full answer here.

2.I am experiencing heart burn, nausea and irregular bowel movements. Could i be gluten intolerant?

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A: Alot of the symptoms you listed are include associated with gluten sensitivity. Symptons include: “foggy mind,” depression, ADHD-like behavior, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation, headaches, bone or joint pain and chronic fatigue. These and other symptoms can occur when a person with gluten intolerance digest gluten in their diet. Read the full answer here.

3. Are there any treatments for night blindness?

night blindness
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A:Night blindness is poor vision at night or in dim light. The causes of night blindness fall into two categories: treatable and nontreatable. If night blindness is caused by cataracts, near nearsightedness, a side effect of certain medications, and vitamin A deficiency, then it is treatable.

Read the full answer here.

4. What is dorsal scoliosis?

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A:Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, the "dorsal" indicates the location or type of curvature. Your doctor can explain more thoroughly, and if he feels that treatment is needed. Most cases of scoliosis don't require treatment. Read the full answer here.

5. If memory loss is from too much alcohol, will it get better by abstaining from alcohol?

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A:The short answer is: yes. However, the improvement of memory will depend on the extent of the damage from the alcohol. The more the damage, the longer the metal recovery. For example, alcoholics stop making as many connections in the brain during the time they are alcoholics. This is why the mental age of an alcoholic remains around the same age as when they started the addiction. Read the full answer here.

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