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Could I possibly be pregnant from just naked genital rubbing but no ejaculation?

By Anonymous July 7, 2009 - 11:15am
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My last period was June 9. On June 21 me and my boyfriend were messing around. We were grinding without close on but there was no penetration or ejaculation. I then put my underwear back on and pleasured him and he ejaculated, but not anywhere near me. I am a day late for my period and I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. I just wanted some opinions on my situation. Thanks for your help.

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EmpowHER Guest

Hi! Last month, my boyfriend and I rubbed genitals (for around 15-30 minutes, then he ejaculated not anywhere near me) on some occasions near and after her supposed day of ovulation. Subsequently, I bled on the 17th of February and stopped on the 19th of February, and I noticed clots in the blood.

This month, we had 1 extremely short session where we rubbed genitals again, but for 5 minutes or so, before he penetrated me once and pulled out. He did not ejaculate cum on me during this session. However, my period has not yet started when it should have (2-3 days ago), plus my periods are also irregular at times. I am not on any type of contraceptives and no condoms were used at all.

Q1. How possible would it be for it to be implantation bleeding? Or was it just a normal period?

Q2. How possible is it that I am pregnant this month or could it just be that my period is late? If it is indeed late, in approximately how many days can I expect it to occur, if it even occurs at all?

Q3. How common is it for a girl to miss her period?

Q4. Assuming that a drop of semen (< 1ml) actually landed in my vagina, how possible would it be for me to be pregnant?

Q5. Lastly, what are the chances of pregnancy should he have ejaculated into my vagina completely near or on the day of ovulation only once?

I'm so sorry for asking so many questions, but I'm just very paranoid and have some burning questions as well. Thank you very much for your time!

March 22, 2017 - 3:07am
Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hello Anonymous,

There is a risk of becoming pregnant if you have unprotected vaginal intercourse five days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation.

Generally, ovulation occurs mid cycle or two weeks before your next period is due to start. The first day of your period is day one of the new menstrual cycle, and it ends on the first day of your next period.

It only takes one sperm to fertilize a released egg. So, how much he ejaculates or how long he stays in does not matter. What matters is if he inserts his penis into your vaginal and releases semen, which contains sperm.

A girl can miss her period if she is pregnant. Emotional stress, increased physical exercise, weight gain or weight loss and illness can cause a delayed or missed period.

If your period does not start in the next four or five days, take an early response pregnancy test. For the most accurate result, test in the morning. Use the urine when you wake up and use the bathroom. Read and follow the directions carefully.


March 22, 2017 - 8:50am

Hi my last period was on feb 1. On feb 14-15 me and my bf slept together but didnot do sex. He might have his precum but he has boxers and shots and i have my underwear. I missed my period on march 1. Is there any possibility of getting pregnant.

March 20, 2017 - 2:06am
HERWriter Guide (reply to Panama)

Hello Panama

A woman cannot get pregnant unless she has unprotected sex (both naked) with ejaculation inside (or rarely, on the opening of) her vagina. Sperm may wet clothes but they don't penetrate clothing in order to find a vagina and swim up it to cause pregnancy.

So you cannot get pregnant from what you did. Your period is delayed for other reasons, you will need to wait it out or see your doctor for answers.


March 21, 2017 - 5:46am
EmpowHER Guest

Hello mam sorry for such query here is brief history of my situation.

1. My last periods have been for 35,42,52 days.

22 Jan-
Last period started normal bleeding for 3 days followed by little spottings

27 jan -
Last period ended completely

28 jan Night -
Was involved in sexual activity with my fiance ,No penetration were only dry humping. He had his boxers on while i was nt wearing anything and rubbed my genitals on his boxers.

He did nt ejaculate but had wet precum on his boxers and might have touched the wet spot outside his boxers and later touched my genitals inside.

29 Jan Morning-
I took "I-pill" in morning within 12-15 hours

7 feb Morning-
I had bleeding which started as dark red and light spot bt gradually got red and normal and lasted for 3-4 days like usual.

10 Feb -
Bleeding stops

Ques 1.-
I am really embarassed about asking bt is it possible to be pregnant from precum passing through My fiance boxers into me when i was rubbing over ?

Quest 2-
Also if he touched the wetspot with his hands and later inside my genitals can it cause pregnancy?

Ques 3 -
Though I had my bleeding which looked like normal period is there still a possibility of pregnancy from this?

Ques 4-
My usual date should have been 7 march keeping average 44 days cycle bt since i got on 7 feb will it delay period?

Our marriage is not due for atleast a year so me getting pregnant will be a big problem. Please advice

March 17, 2017 - 12:11pm
Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hello Anonymous,

1) Pre ejaculate fluid itself does not contain sperm. If he had a recent ejaculation, sperm can remain in his urethra, which is the tube semen and urine pass through. But, once he urinated any sperm was flushed out.

No sperm can pass through fabric, so no risk.

2) Even if he touched the wet spot on his boxers, there was no risk. There would have been a risk if he had wet semen on his fingers and inserted them in your vagina.

3) There was no risk for pregnancy with this activity. The bleeding confirmed that you did not become pregnant.

4) Since you have a history of irregular menstrual cycles it is difficult for me to say when your next period will start.

Consider scheduling an appointment with a gynecologist, who may prescribe oral contraceptives to help regulate your menstrual cycle and prevent an unwanted pregnancy.


March 17, 2017 - 12:38pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Maryann Gromisch RN)

Thank you so much for the reply mam.It is relieving to a great extent.

I just have another query
1.Is it possible for the precum to seeped out of his boxer and when he touched the wet spot it could get on his fingers and inside my vagina when he fingered me?

2.I had read at many blogs that having withdrawl bleeding is not a sure sign of not being pregnant.Can it be in my case(i had initial spotting and later blood flow like normal period for 2-3 day ?

March 17, 2017 - 1:27pm
Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hello Anonymous,

No to the first question and as I stated, pre ejaculate fluid itself does not contain sperm.

You had a flow similar to a normal period so I do not think you became pregnant.

Please take a few minutes to look at this slideshow. "Am I Pregnant? Myths and Facts About Sex"

It may be helpful to you.

March 17, 2017 - 1:47pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Maryann Gromisch RN)

Hello mam sorry for posting again

Please help remove my paranoia..can i be 100 percent sure in my case that i am not pregnant?

March 20, 2017 - 1:07am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Maryann Gromisch RN)

Thanks for the detailed answer mam.

My fiance had ejaculated a day before but after that he probably gad urinated 1 to 2 times in the morning of this incident so i guess it wont be a issue.

From what i can understand I should not be paranoid and rest 100 percent sure that i wont be pregnant right?

March 17, 2017 - 11:58pm
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