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What is this clicking sound?

By August 18, 2014 - 7:30pm
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About four years ago, I had this weird clicking sound in my head. When i would jump up or walk i would hear it. Sort of like a loose piece of something bouncing around. i went to the ENT and had an MRI and it was no sign of tumor. Maybe something with a nerve but didn't hear the doctor so well. I later thought it could've just been from my jaw because when i would hold my jaw shut together the sound wouldd stop. I calmed down a little because i thought it was just a TMJ. I don't have a proper bite. My teeth go right on top of each other. About two weeks ago, spit up some blood, aboutt half a teaspoon of red bright with phlegm after i woke up from a nap. now i am worried if any of these are related? Could it be a blood clot? could this cause a stroke? I also have left one pain once in a while for about 4 years. happens when i walk a lot. thank you

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Thanks so much for your answer. I'm just a very worried person and I feel like it's something bad. I've been reading stuff online and I get worried. I read the symptoms of lung cancer and I was so scared. I coughed up blood In phlegm, abdominal pain, had arm pain few times, ( thought it was just gas) no cough however. Had upper mid back pain but doctor said didn't feel anything pen from slouching. Knee pain left knee. Recently not so much but had before. I'm just a really worried person and it says early symtpons don't have any until it gets bad. What should I be on the lookout for?

August 24, 2014 - 12:26am
HERWriter Guide (reply to Bathsheva)

Hi Bathsheva

I think you are too focused on finding pain in your body and you should try and relax. Our bodies are machines in constant motion. There are bound to be aches and pains -none of which mean anything. 

Focus on your anxiety and less on certain symptoms. This is something you can discuss with your doctor. There could be  many, many reasons for back pain but any of them would be mere guessing games that I don't think will reassure you. If you know you are an anxious person in general, ask to be referring to a counselor who can help you with this. 

I don't think giving you symptoms of lung cancer will help you, Bathsheva. You can find that information anywhere online and worry yourself constantly. 

Please talk to a counselor as to how you can relieve your overall anxiety. 



August 25, 2014 - 6:35am

The sound went away so I assumed it was just my TMJ. BECAUSE OF When it stopped from hiding my jaw shut together. I went to the doctor for the coughing blood and he said it is most likely nothing. He didn't feel anything in my abdominal area, nothing in my neck and. Didn't her anything in my lungs. My throat is clear from what can be seen. It only happened once so he said it's most likely just a blood vessel that popped or SMtn. Mostly likely nothing can be found if we do an endoscopy. If it happens again ones to go on and do an endoscopy. For now he said it's most likely nothing. Should I still be worried? He is a gastronoligist with 5 star rating. I mean leg pain. Sorry about that.

August 19, 2014 - 8:48am
HERWriter Guide (reply to Bathsheva)

Hi again,

If this sound was four years ago and went away, I wouldn't worry about it. 

I think it's fine to trust your doctor; as I said before, the causes of blood like this often remain a mystery and a burst vessel is the likely culprit. Enjoy your good health! 



August 20, 2014 - 4:40am
HERWriter Guide

Hi Bathsheva

Thanks for your question! 

You mention this clicking sound was four years ago - has this been resolved? Do you know if it was TMJ? For more on TMJ, read here:


If it stopped when you deliberately held your jaws still, then this may have been the culprit. 

I know you asked already about coughing up blood. You can read your replies here: 


I hope you are working on this with your doctor. Causes for coughing up blood include so many things including heart disease, drug abuse, lung conditions including bronchial infections and lung cancer and even having blood in the upper digestive tract. Many people never find the cause for them but it's very important to get it seen to. 

As far as eye pain goes (did you mean eye pain when you wrote "one pain"?) -is this is one eye or both? How often? Reasons for eye pain include problems with the cornea, the iris, the muscle around the eye, upper and lower eye lids and so on. This again will require a medical evaluation. 



August 19, 2014 - 4:57am
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