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ask: What happens if you take 3 of your birth control pills at once?

By KGregory46
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I was wondering what happens if you forgot to take 2 of your birth control pills and you decide to take three of them in one dose without calling your doctor first? The birth control pill that I am currently taking is Yasmin.

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EmpowHER Guest


I am just wondering can it be possible that i took pills, then my period is on time. a week before and after my period i did not had any sex yet still get pregnant? Is it possible to get pregnant when you period still arrived on the expected day had no sex and took pills?

Kind regards,

September 9, 2014 - 2:49am
Susan Cody HERWriter Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hi Anon

When a woman take her Pill exactly as prescribed, pregnancy is very unusual. You may have been on medication that interfered with the effectiveness of your pill or forgot to take one? If the pills have been taken correctly all month, a woman is fully protected on her 7 days without the pill. 

If you are on the Pill and got pregnant, something must have happened to upset the hormonal balance/routine your body has when on the Pill. 



September 9, 2014 - 5:44am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Susan Cody)


Actually i took emergency pills. Doc prescribed me 2tablets 3x a day for 1 day the rest remaining pills i took it 1tablet 3x a day for 5days. I took the pills the doc prescribed me. my period arrived on expected day. Took pt 4days before my said expected day of period and i came negative I have not had pt again yet. I am just wondering if i could get pregnant or not. I had no contact as well 10days before my period and after.

September 9, 2014 - 8:21am
Susan Cody HERWriter Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hi Anon

We can't give a definitive answer to anyone but you are at very, very low risk for pregnancy.



September 10, 2014 - 6:00am
EmpowHER Guest

Last aug 23, i had sex with my boyfriend. The condom brokebut my boyfriend didnt come yet we stop when we knew that it got broken. After 2 hours we went to the doctor to ask what to do because i dont want to get pregnant. The doc said im safe and unfertile that day so no worry but still im worried and i ask for an emergency pill and she perscribed me trust pill 2tablets 3x a day in the first day then 1tablet 3x a dayfor 5 days. My last months period was aug. 2. Im expecting my period around aug 30- sept 4. And it has not arrived yet. Is there a possibility of getting pregnant?

September 2, 2014 - 3:55am
Maryann Gromisch RN Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for your question.

For the benefit of our readers, the Trust pill is an oral contraceptive available in the Philippines. It contains two synthetic hormones, ethinyl estradiol 30 mcg, levonorgestrel 125 mcg.

It may work as an emergency contraceptive in the dosage that your physician prescribed. Emergency contraceptive can cause changes in the menstrual cycle. Some women will start their periods earlier or later than normal. Menstrual flow can be lighter or heavier than normal.

Anonymous, I do not think you are pregnant.


September 5, 2014 - 9:08am
EmpowHER Guest

Hello. My name is selly. I wanted to ask about how i didnt take 3 pills because i forgot it at my house.. Its also a birth control pill. Im so anxious because when i did not take 3 pills acciently .. My boyfriend and i had sex on saturday of last weekend. He finished inside. I took 3 pills the day after because, i thought it would still be effective. I need help please..:(

August 18, 2014 - 9:11pm
Susan Cody HERWriter Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hi selly

You did not use your birth control properly. If you miss three days in a row, you need to throw out your pack and start a fresh one - and use a backup method like a condom for 7 days. It's too late now to take emergency contraception so call your doctor or pharmacist for advice. You can test for pregnancy about 14 days after sex. 



August 28, 2014 - 6:35am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Susan Cody)

I have the new pack.. But my doctor said to take it when my period comes than takke the pill.. Is there any hormones when you dont take a pregnancy pill. My boyfriend and I had sex without condoms, but he pulled out.. Is there a possibility that I can be pregnant?

September 4, 2014 - 4:15pm
EmpowHER Guest

I'm on yaz and I have been so busy with school lately that I have been missing pills. My pack starts on Saturday. the week before my four white pills I missed 3 of the pink pills. So the third week on Thursday I missed that pill as we'll as fridays and Saturdays and on Sunday I realized it so when I took Sundays pill I also took the other 3 that I missed. Then that Monday started my white pills and somehow I missed it as we'll and on Tuesday I took Tuesdays and Mondays pill. I have definitely screwed up this months pack but I did take Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the white pills correctly and now that pack is done. I spotted a little back when I missed those 3 pills but I have not gotten my period. Could it be since I did not take them correctly or could I be pregnant? I did have sex that Friday of one of the pills I missed but a condom was used. Is there still any chance of me being pregnant with me using backup?

August 16, 2014 - 9:22am
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