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Why am I still having cramps 8 days after my period?

By September 28, 2009 - 6:32pm
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My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 months now. I have become very in tune to my body since then and the symptoms I am having are definately not normal for me. My cycles are always 29 days long. I get the LH surge (using digital OPK's) on day 15 of my cycle and I always start my period on day 29 which lasts 5 days long. This month I started my period on the 21st which is when it was expected, but the bleeding only lasted 3 days. The bleeding was heavy enough the first two days to rule out implantation bleeding, but lighter than normal. I've also been experiencing mild/annoying cramping on both sides of my lower abdomen since day one and now i'm on day eight and I usually don't have cramps after the 1st day of my period. On the 3rd and last day of my period/light spotting I had a near fainting spell at work while I was sitting at my desk. I became extremely pale in the face and broke out into a cold sweat. The room seemed to be spinning and I could barely walk which lasted for about an hour. I also vomitted during that time as well. I normally wouldn't be concerned, but the near fainting, vomitting and cramps has got me wondering if something could be wrong. I took a pregnancy test on day 3, but it came back negative. Should I be concerned or could it just be stress?

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Thank you for your question!

Your problem could be any number of things. It could be stress but the stress of trying to conceive should not cause the room to spin, cold sweats, near fainting, vomiting and being unable to walk. Long term stress or a panic attack could do this. Do you think it could have been a panic attack?

Symptoms of a panic attack include :
◦Sudden and intense episodes of fear
◦Racing, pounding, or skipping heartbeat
◦Chest pain, pressure, or discomfort
◦Difficulty catching breath
◦Choking sensation or lump in the throat
◦Excessive sweating
◦Lightheadedness or dizziness
◦Tingling or numbness in parts of the body
◦Chills or hot flashes
◦Shaking or trembling
◦Feelings of unreality, or being detached from the body
◦An urge to flee
◦Fear of impending doom, such as death, a heart attack, suffocation, loss of control, or embarrassment
◦Stomach pain

With regard to the pain you are feeling - it may be a condition you are unaware of, or the pain might be symptomatic of stress and not attributed to anything specific. Since you have been trying conceive, you said you have "become very in tune" to your body. When we are very in tune like this, we pick up on every little twinge that may be something - or nothing. When you say "the bleeding was heavy enough the first two days to rule out implantation bleeding, but lighter than normal." - that sounds to me that everything is still pretty normal, give or take a day or two and give or take a little bit less bleeding. If you had none of this before you began to monitor yourself, and it only started after you became self-aware, perhaps you are monitoring yourself a little too closely and picking up on signs that are normal but become a bit more magnified since you are trying to conceive.

Kristen, how old are you? If you are over 35 you may want to have your fertility (and your husband's) checked now. If you are under 35, give it another few months. Either way, you may need a check up from your health care provider, including a hormonal and thyroid check.

And have a think back to when your fainting/vomiting occurred. You were at your desk - what happened right beforehand? Were you stressed about something? Had you been focusing on your health issues that day?

September 30, 2009 - 11:55am
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