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Do you experience, fatigue, breast pain, stomach pain, headache, mood swings, depressed, bloating, acne, lack of energy, aching muscles and joints, food cravings, anxiety, anger, weight gain and sleep pattern changes? If you say yes to any of these they are all normal. Up to age 21 if you find your symptoms being really bad as you get older your body change and you experience less PMS symptoms. Many of the times it's all hormonal issue and their is no need to worry. Take Motrin (ibuprofen) which is over counter which will help with PMS symptoms. Does your period last up to 7-10 days? Do you experience vaginal discharge after your period ends? Do you get your period every 26-28 days, sometimes up to 35 days? If you say yes to any of these they are normal. If you say no let me know how your doing and I'll be glad to help with your concern. Melissa


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