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Explaining how we're different

By August 24, 2010 - 12:02pm

The other night, I was changing into my pajamas while my husband read books to our sons in our bed. Mind you, they don't sleep in our bed, they sometimes like to do the bedtime ritual (teeth brushing, changing for bed, reading books, etc.) in our room though. So I took off my top in our walk in closet, and realized my PJs weren't in there. Realizing I needed to hunt for my PJs I covered my breasts with my arm, and walked around the bedroom looking for my PJs. My 4-yr old son followed me, very intently watching, trying to figure out what I was doing. Then in his tiny voice, he offered, "Mama, I don't think you're gross."
"Huh?" I answered, still trying to find my PJs.
"I don't think you're gross, Mama!" he said again.
Finding my PJs, and bending down to put them on, it clicked in my mind that he was commenting on the fact that I'm different from him, his brother and Daddy. I have breasts, he was looking at my breasts, and wondering why I was covering them up as I walked around the room.
"Are you talking about my boobies?"
"Yeah, Mama. What are they for?"
"Uhmmmmm..." I replied as I searched my brain for the correct way to answer the question, and looked at my husband who had a laughing look in his eyes--no help at all. "Well buddy, they are for feeding babies. When you and your brother were babies, you drank milk from them. Milk is all babies can eat when they're just born."
"Do you still have milk in them?" he puzzled.
"Well, when you got bigger and started eating food, you started drinking milk from bottles. So no, I don't have milk in them, it's all gone."
"Did my brother drink it all?"
"Yes, yes he did. He drank it all up." What else should I have said? He was satisfied, and I was still reeling from his "you're not gross" comment.

What strange discussions have you had with your kids?

By HERWriter Guide August 25, 2010 - 12:20pm

That's great! - Not only that you probably never thought you were gross but it's nice for your kid to remind you that you're not repulsive, after all! Even if you are the only girl on the family!

My kids are also fascinated that they all ate "from the boob" too! Children find their mother's breasts very comforting - maybe it somehow reminds them of being babies or they are just a nice comfortable place to fall asleep!

When I explained how babies are made, they all laughed and thought it a bit weird. Then when my daughter asked how they get out, I told her and her laughter stopped in a NANO SECOND! She looked highly displeased and her brother pointed at her and said HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

They are 4, 5 and 6!

But at least 'the talk' is long over and they're cool with it. Aside from the girls on that one issue that still makes 'em squirm a little!

Should I tell them now or later that it's still going to make them squirm, thirty years from now? Ah, maybe not. Why ruin the surprise?!

August 25, 2010 - 12:20pm

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