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Tips For People Who Suffer From Sciatic Pain - HER Health Expert - Josette Sullins

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Josette shares some helpful tips for people who suffer from sciatic pain

Sciatic pain is a real common thing. It happens for a lot of us. If you look at how we sleep, our pillows, our shoes, a lot of us around the planes, all the time travelling, chairs, that type of thing. So it is really easy for our bodies to get out of whack especially if you are pulling your luggage behind you or carrying a heavy purse.

What goes on is when we do all these different activities, we are actually tightening the short muscles and we are not strengthening our long muscles and so what I am able to do you know for the most people, I know how to get in there to where the tiny short muscles are, the tendons, the ligaments that type of thing. I am able to get in and balance that out. Get the body back in alignment and then the body takes over from there. It is an amazing instrument. All it wants to do is seek that balance.

Since we are talking about sciatic pain today, one of the easiest things that the general public could do to find that balance and it’s so simple. If we all, when you sit down we all have ischial tuberosities which are the two bony bones in the bottom that you sit on. If you sit on a hard surface, it’s a little bit easier to go ahead and do this demonstration. So when you sit on a hard surface, feel those two ischial tuberosities or the two bony bones. One will be a little higher, a little forward backward that type of thing. What you want to do is go ahead and balance this out. If you can start balancing this out and when you are standing in line at a grocery store, you are on the bus, you are on the plane, whatever you are doing, go ahead and balance out, those two ischial tuberosities you will be amazed because the body goes from those two points. It wants the same balance.

In addition to that, when you are standing in heels it is also very-very important to pay attention because you are going to be a little bit more here, which is going to make you use the back of the lower back muscles, the quadratus lumborum too much. So you want to go ahead and keep those ischial tuberosities balanced wearing heels and so that itself will keep sciatic pain away.

All of us ladies like to cross the leg and again that is a big no-no. A lot of docs will tell you because again it shortens the muscles on one side. If you balance out again those two ischial tuberosity, what you are able to do is literally have your cake and eat it too. You can sit with you leg crossed, you can do whatever. It’s an amazing amount of freedom.

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