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8 Tips to Sleep Better When Dealing With Night Sweats

By HERWriter
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Surround Yourself With Cooler, Lighter Fabrics

Sleep in lightweight, loosefitting, absorbent cotton pajamas that allow airflow. Opt for cotton sheets with a lightweight blanket instead of man-made fabrics and a heavy comforter.

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An estimated 35 to 50 percent of perimenopausal women suffer sudden waves of body heat with sweating and flushing that last between 5 and 10 minutes. When these happen at night, during sleep, they’re often referred to as night sweats. They can be present throughout perimenopause and continue for a year or two after menopause. In up to 10 percent of women, they persist for years beyond that.

If you find yourself waking at night, sweating as if you just ran a marathon, try these helpful tips to reduce your discomfort and increase your sleep.


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Reviewed December 8, 2015
By Philip Sarrel, M.D. and Lorna Sarrel, M.S.

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