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Karine Shares How Her Life Has Changed With Her Asthma Under Control (VIDEO)

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Karine Shares How Her Life Has Changed With Her Asthma Under Control (VIDEO)
Karine Shares How Her Life Has Changed With Her Asthma Under Control (VIDEO)
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Karine describes the activities she can participate in now that her asthma is under control.

Two of them, and they may sound really goofy, but to me they are significant. One is hiking. I love hiking, especially living in Phoenix. We have got so many great mountains, amazing cityscapes when you get to the peak of the mountain. I couldn’t do that before. I could do the little baby trails that just kind of wandered around at a very flat kind of parallel, sort of level to the ground, but I couldn’t go anywhere near the summit. And that’s something that I can do now, and that’s an awesome experience. It’s a very freeing experience. It’s a very social experience because you get out and you do that with your friends. And the other one, and this is the one that’s probably going to sound really goofy: I can climb the stairs at a concert hall to go see my favorite band.

You know, down at, well, it was America West Arena, now it’s US Airways, as you are going up and down between the different floors, really the only way to get there is using the stairs. And it used to be every time I went to a concert, I could walk maybe half of one flight of stairs before I had to stop and pause because I was getting really winded and starting to feel really weak. And the crowds are rushing by and looking at me all irritated because I am in the way. And then I’d start back up and finish the other half of the one flight of stairs, and there’s still, you know, like three more flights, and now I don’t even bat an eye at it.

I can run up and down the stairs, go get a beer, go get an ice-cream, whatever I want, do it a dozen times over the course of the concert. I am totally fine, and it’s awesome, and it sounds goofy probably to most people. It’s not something anybody would ever think about, not for a second, because most people take for granted that they can just do that sort of thing. But for me, coming from the world that I came from, it’s huge, and it’s probably one of the most significant changes for me.

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