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Karine Shares Her Long List Of Allergies (VIDEO)

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Karine Shares Her Long List Of Allergies (VIDEO)
Karine Shares Her Long List Of Allergies (VIDEO)
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Karine recalls the many chemicals, plants, and foods that incite an allergic reaction.

I am very allergic, very, very allergic, and as I think I mentioned before, an easier question is what am I not allergic to than what am I allergic to. I am allergic to everything. Pretty much everything that grows, every plant material, every grass, every bush, all the pollens, all the weeds, all the dusts. I have a long laundry list of foods that I am allergic to, substances that I am allergic to. I can’t handle a zip lock bag. I break out in a rash if I touch a zip lock bag. I can’t do yard work if there happen to be lantana bushes in the front yard because if I touch the flowers on the lantana, I get hives all over my arms.

I have to be really careful when I consume chocolate and raisins because that will trigger an allergic reaction, which will in turn trigger an asthmatic reaction, and similar to my asthmatic process, allergies have also been kind of a lifelong challenge. I went through countless medications, and I can remember as a kid, the only antihistamines that existed on the market came with the fabulous side effect of being really drowsy.

So it was this wonderful balance between being an allergic bomb of sneezing and sniffling and coughing and your eyes running and being swollen, versus not having those symptoms, but being so tired and drowsy that I couldn’t hardly keep my eyes open, and I seemed like an alcoholic little kid. Horrible balance between those two, and fortunately, the technology improved, and antihistamines are fabulous these days. And I take an antihistamine every day, and that pill lasts 24 hours. And it comes with no side effects and I can eat most anything I want to eat, touch most anything I want to touch without fear of having a horrible, horrible reaction.

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