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Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss: Do You Enjoy Clothes Shopping More?

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Andrea shares how losing weight after having the REALIZE® Band procedure has enhanced her enjoyment for clothes shopping and recalls what she decided to do with the clothes that no longer fit her.

Another question that Dr. Johnell asked me originally, and I think, I believe it’s part of the questionnaire is, “How many times have you lost weight in your life and how did that work for you?” And I have lost weight a few times in my life, up to 50 pounds, and it was, you know, nice and it made a change for me.

This time I have lost a lot more weight and it’s permanent. It’s going to stay that way and what I found is, every month or two my clothes really didn’t fit anymore and they were too baggy and one thing that Stephen Tuff, the PA that I met with every month, talked to me about is, “Don’t keep those”, and it’s something we talked about in support groups too is don’t keep wearing the baggy clothes.

So, they are actually, through the support groups there are ways to share your clothing and your size is going down; I didn’t really do that very much. I know other people have taken advantage of it.

I was going shopping for sales at the end-of-the-season sales and I am having a blast. My closet was almost empty because all the clothes that I had I gave away to different charities because there are people that might, some of them are professional clothing and there are things that people might need for work, but I did not need them anymore and so I just gradually gave them away every few months and it was pretty frequent and I have a blast going shopping.

My daughter is almost 20 and she goes with me and it’s just so fun going, walking in and almost everything fits. I have had a problem lately where the sizes, they don’t have the sizes small enough, which I am not used to that. I am used to trying to look for the biggest size in the store and then not having much selection or choice and so it’s been a significant change for me.

All those old clothes are gone because I am never gaining weight again and I am having a blast buying new clothing and new styles and looking a little younger I think.

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Condition: Obesity Morbid Obesity, Weight Loss, Morbidly Obese

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Location: Greenley, CO, Colorado, Cloverly, Alden, Johnstown, Hardman, Windsor, Auburn, La Salle, Gill, Elm, 80631

Expert: Dr. Michael W. Johnell, Dr. Johnell, Michael Johnell, M.D., Bariatric Surgeon Michael W. Johnell, Doctor Johnell

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