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Can A Woman Remain Active After An Ankle Joint Replacement? - Dr. Horton (VIDEO)

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Dr. Horton explains when a woman can return to her active lifestyle after having an ankle joint replacement.

Dr. Horton:
People with ankle joint replacements are generally discouraged from running, but they are not discouraged from being active. In fact, that’s the benefit of ankle joint replacement is to remain active in your lifestyle. They generally prefer patients with a relatively sedentary lifestyle. In other words, people who like to walk, like to play golf and dance, I think those are all perfectly acceptable activities with an ankle joint replacement. Running is discouraged because it does load the prosthesis very heavily and may cause premature failure in some people.

About Dr. Horton, M.D.:
Dr. Eric R. Horton, M.D. is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in lower extremity conditions and ankle and foot reconstruction at Alvarado Orthopedic Medical Group. He has almost ten years of private practice experience in treating a wide range of adult, juvenile, and childhood orthopedic disorders including trauma, sports injuries, arthritis, leg deformities, and other musculoskeletal conditions of the body.

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