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HER Health Minute - Joint Pain

By EmpowHER
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In this edition of EmpowHER's "HER Health Minute" Michelle talks about her experience with joint pain and tells us her favorite product that she uses to deal with that pain.

Michelle: Like a lot of women, I suffered from joint pain. About 15 years ago I had joint pain in my right knee and a surgeon recommended I take glucosamine, a product that I wasn’t familiar with but it helped me tremendously. I still needed the surgery but it felt so different that it took me a while before I had to have the surgery. The only form I knew about was in capsule form.

Today there are all different types of glucosamine on the market such as juices and supplements. It’s kind of like the new black. Glucosamine takes a little time to work so you have to be patient.

And then I suffered from joint pain again, only this time it traveled from place-to-place, from the knee to a finger. This time it was different. It was my hormones declining. So don’t forget, if you are suffering from joint pain, whether it’s one place or traveling, get it checked out by your doctor. And don’t forget – change begins with you.

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