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Jeanette Shares How Her Activity Increased After Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (VIDEO)

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Jeanette explains how active she has become since having minimally invasive spine surgery.

Well, now I am kind of a new situation because my son just started kindergarten at a new school and my daughter just started preschool in new school, so I am meeting a lot of new people who don’t know me and don’t know my health history and how disabled I was, and I am just looked at like a regular person now. But once in a while I bump into a mom that says, “Are you that woman that was in the wheelchair? Are you that woman that hobbled around with the cane?”

One of the very few things I could do was go in the pool when I wasn’t well. It would take such effort to get me there. I would have to be in the wheelchair and it was so excruciating to just get from the car like 20 feet to the pool. It was so painful, but once I got there I could be in the pool, but people would stare at me wondering who is this woman with these little kids and the wheelchair that could barely move. And so now people come up to me and recognize me and say, “What happened? How are you well?” And people are just amazed when they see me now swimming laps in the pool and walking around the lake we live on and at the gym, doing step aerobics.

I used to go to the gym in a wheelchair and get in the pool to do therapy. Now I see those ladies from water aerobics when I am marching over to step aerobics and they just want to come up and hear my story now. They can’t believe I am in there doing aerobics classes every day.

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