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Jeanette Shares When She Began Having Back Problems (VIDEO)

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Jeanette introduces herself and recalls when back problems began to negatively affect her life.

Hi, my name is Jeanette and I am a patient of Dr. Kim’s. I had a very severe spine problem that kept me from having any movement and Dr. Kim did surgery on me and gave me a multilevel fusion using a tracking system and I’m well.

I had a history of back problems for about ten years. I was in a car accident in my 20s, so I had a bad back for ten years, but I could control it with exercise and sometimes medications. But it was okay, I could function, and then after the birth of my second child I started getting nerve pain down my leg. I started getting the shooting pain; I started falling and it became progressively worse.

I saw another surgeon and had a discectomy and my pain was gone immediately and I did really well for four months, and then the pain came back ten times worse. I could barely move. I went back to that same surgeon and had another emergency discectomy and it turns out that I have a problem producing excess scar tissue so, once I have the surgery I am well, but then I have so much scar tissue that replaces where those discs were that the pain becomes so intense that I can barely function.

So, after searching pretty much the entire country for a solution and being told by almost every doctor that there was no a solution, I was told I would not walk again. I was told I would never be off meds and then I found Dr. Kim and he said that he could fix the problem. Of course I was a little bit weary after being told by every other doctor that the problem was not fixable.

So, I worked with Dr. Kim and my pain management doctor to get to the exact source of the problem and to confirm exactly where he wanted to go in and operate, so I went through some epidural shots and things like that under Dr. Kim’s care and then he decided that it was time for the surgery.

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