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Jeanette Shares How Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Changed Her Life (VIDEO)

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Listen as Jeanette explains how her life changed after minimally invasive spine surgery.

The Jeanette in pain is gone; I buried her. I, I feel like it was a different part of my life. Some days it feels like yesterday because it’s such a big part of my life, but sometimes I feel like it was just a whole lifetime ago because the second I was well I jumped right back into everything in my life full force. I just go, go, go now and I jus, I have kind of let that other person go.

Immediately following my surgery, when Dr. Kim came in to visit me, I was able to get up out of my recovery bed and not only walked the halls of the hospital, but they actually had me doing stairs. Since I have stairs at home they wanted me to try them right away, since I was up and at them. So I was able to climb stairs I believe that first day after surgery.

Dr. Kim had never seen me standing or sitting; he had only seen me laying. So he was really happy.

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