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Jeanette Shares How Water Aerobics Helped Her Back Pain (VIDEO)

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Jeanette describes how water aerobics helped her cope with her back problems.

A big problem that I was dealing with my back pain was loss of everything else going on in my body. I lost so much muscle, so much movement, and things unrelated to my spine. My legs became, just I lost all the muscle. It was like Jell-o. So, I was so determined to not lose, you know, movement in my legs and to not completely lose that muscle tone, so I would take all I had, and my friends and family would take me to the gym in my wheelchair and I would do water aerobics. It wasn’t pretty, but I would try my best to just get some movement.

When I was truly down and not well I could not do any other kind of fitness besides water aerobics. It was all I could do and even that was very minimal.

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