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Dena Shares The Supplements Breast Cancer Patients Should Take (VIDEO)

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Dena tells women which diet supplements they should be taking to help them overcome breast cancer.

First of all, I like to get the most amount of my minerals and nutrients from real food. That’s the first thing I tell people. So my motto, and I have written a cookbook, and I teach a cooking show called “TLC – Talk, Learn, and, Cook.” So it’s not just about the cooking. We talk during it. We explain why we are eating these things.

Greens, greens and more greens–that’s my favorite saying. Love, love, love–put tons of love in your food and greens, greens and more greens. So seasonal eating, eating root vegetables when it’s winter and we need warming, stews and roots and grounding. All of that gives you the most amount of minerals, the most amount of nourishment and nutrients that you need, that you could possibly get as a human being.

Secondarily, if people aren’t really getting enough because they are being assaulted by chemotherapy, radiation, any of those things that are so depleting, so debilitating, I recommend doing as many liquids, powders, like the powder, a good bifidus to build the good bacteria in the gut, a good flora. So powder, I love to do a powder because it’s less pills. The least amount of pills to digest and assimilate, the better.

A vitamin boost: I go in for Myers cocktail--B, calcium, magnesium, C and all of that. I love to make a liquid life drink in the morning; this is my favorite. Now women have a hard time pooping, big thing with women, and I had a poop party, so I know all about it, and it’s my favorite subject.

And one of the things I give women, -especially through chemo and radiation, it’s very dehydrating, and we have a hard time eliminating through it. So I do a liquid life drink which is chlorophyll; pure cranberry concentrate, not the cranberry juice with sugar, but the pure cranberry concentrate; vitamin C packet with MSM, no sugar in it, MSM, so it’s an anti-inflammatory; and a little bit of Endura from Metagenics which is a electrolyte mineral drink. So it’s all your minerals and all your electrolytes for dehydration, and it’s a great after-chemo drink.

But I have like a lot of my clients doing detoxes on it, and it’s a kidney flush. It strengthens and fortifies, and chlorophyll is like an intestinal deodorant. So you poop like a champ on this stuff. So everybody loves it and especially women because we are stuck. I mean, we have a hard time eliminating, some of us.

So that, and then of course a good CoQ so antioxidants, everything. I mean, I love Dr. Block. I am a big follower of Dr. Block and Cuchi, seasonal eating, so there’s a few different people that I recommend people kind of read their books and follow what they say. And I offer a lot of information in my book and my cook book on my online. You can download it and cook with me online, talks a lot about different nutrients and vitamins you can get out of your food.

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Thanks Pat 

December 11, 2011 - 9:34am
Expert HERWriter Guide Blogger

Dena - What a wealth of information you've provided! While it's very beneficial for cancer patients, the information is also helpful for those wanting to maintain good health in general. I agree with you that greens, greens and more greens are critical to good health as well as seasonal eating. Thanks so much! Pat

October 7, 2009 - 6:08pm
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