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Dena Shares Advice For Women Undergoing Chemotherapy (VIDEO)

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Dena describes the advice she provides women who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Well, I just went to see an 89-year-old woman who is a client, laying on the couch, shriveled up with her blankey, and I walked in and I said to her, “Are you going to let them kick your ass like this?” And she looked at me and said, “No?” with a kind of like a question mark, and I said, “Get up and move.” She wasn’t moving, distended stomach. They had been kicking her ass all over the place.

I said, “Get up and empower yourself. Cook for yourself. Walk every day.” They have done studies where it is 50 percent less assault on the body when you work out the day of chemo and every day thereafter. I said, “Learn how to cook. Learn how to take care of yourself. Learn what your body needs, nourish yourself, love yourself that much more that you are not going to let them just keep kicking your butt.” I said, “Go get vitamin boost.”

Actually I must say this. She is walking every day, cooking for herself, kicking ass, feeling great. She went to her doctor and said, “I want you to give me a prescription for a vitamin boost,” which was my advice to her. He said, “Oh, well, we do vitamin boosts.” she said, 89 years old, “You are going to tell me you have been kicking my ass for four years and you have never offered me a vitamin boost?”

This is what I am telling you about. Unfortunately, doctors know what they know; they don’t know what they don’t know. They never offered her the vitamin boost, why not? She is 89 years old. She is literally like so weak, so frail, so decrepit, can barely get up to walk, and they are not giving her the vitamin boost they are offering? So empower yourself. Love yourself. Nourish yourself and kick ass. That’s my advice to women.

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