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Dena Shares If Mushrooms Help Fight Cancer (VIDEO)

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Dena discusses the role mushrooms can play in fighting cancer.

Yes, absolutely. I truly believe this. It’s a definite macrobiotic thing so mushrooms were a huge thing with me through Cuchi, and so I have studied it in kind of different areas. But yes, and I think more, again, it’s the real food, so I use the dry shitaki, mitake, reishi mushroom combination for my miso soup in the morning. So if it’s winter time, miso soup in the morning starts the metabolism. It also gets your digestion going through the whole day so whatever else you eat afterwards, it helps you to digest.

The mushrooms are such a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor that they are very important for us to be eating that during the time of being diagnosed with cancer, and I use that for all of my clients. And even if it isn’t that you have cancer, you just have autoimmune issues, that’s still I think is a great thing, absolutely.

So Dr. Abram’s is a fabulous resource for mushrooms and talking about medicinal mushrooms, but I definitely think things like mushrooms and avocados for essential fatty oils, different foods to get what you need medicinally.

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