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Can I really be pregnant????????

By June 18, 2016 - 12:48am
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Hi I really, really need your help. I'm 17 and I lost my virginity with my boyfriend(also virgin) this June 2nd, we used a condom (I do not take pills. He only got it in me only till I started hurting and bleeding) and he did not ejaculate inside me. After that I got my period, as regularly, on June 4th till the 9th (my period never stops drastically, so after the 9th I probably bleed just a tiny bit the 10th). However, that is not the issue.......... I was not bleeding the afternoon of June 9th, so I had sex with my boyfriend again, but this time we did not use a condom (yes, that was dumb). However, he only had it in me maximum 15 to 20 seconds (in the whole act), but I made sure he cleaned himself (outside and inside the tip) before getting it in, to get rid of any pre-ejaculate. When he got it out, I realized I was bleeding ( i infer it might be a mixture of hymen or some of the lining left). He did not ejaculate inside me, nor near that time, it happened various minutes after that and I had my clothes on again by then, and just like the first time, it was not "deep" because it hurt as soon as it entered (we are very sincere to each other and as soon as we stopped i asked if he was sure he did not release pre ejaculate, in case we needed to go and buy a pill. He told me that it is almost impossible to feel it, but he was more than 90% sure he did not because he said he was focused. I understood what he meant because we were too nervous to relax or enjoy)... I felt cramps a little on June 10th, but just a little bit. My cycle is 30 to 31 days long, so my fertile days stand between June 17 till 22 (21 being the supposed ovulation day)... I know that sperm can only live till 4 or 5 days maximum which obviously means that it does not enter my fertile days and much less the day of ovulation..... However, I cannot explain how stressed I am. I have literally spent around 8 hours today looking for info, because after the second time I had sex (like a week from today) there have been days where I feel some pressure in my right ovary which is bearable but continues for a long time (kinda 3 days now; Im not sure if it'll stop) and makes me feel bloated, others I have felt a palpitation right beneath my chest between my ribs also making me bloated, I have felt constipated (it is usual in me), and today and yesterday i had a weird headache, it did not felt like migraine etc, but rather like a tingly/light-headed feeling . Aaaand I am also moody. I know that many of those symptoms might be a combination of my stress with the fact I can't sleep much and I have even lost appetite, (I dropped a few pounds). I neeeeeeed to know: is pre- ejaculate as "powerful" as a normal ejaculation? or do they live less?

Can some of my symptoms be caused by the changes in my body after losing my virginity? Or does it exist fertile days/ pre-ovulation day symptoms?
Is it possible that they might be pregnancy symptoms... even if i am not expecting my period until around 16 days? and I JUST started my fertile days based on my calendar, meaning that ovulation has not happened, thus the egg has not been released yet?
When should I take a pregnancy test? Do I have to?
If my period comes next month I can breathe then, right? In this case, do I need to take another test?
Some random facts just in case:
- Where I live there seems to be like a type of flu, thus many people have gotten fevers and headaches. But still, I do nottttt have a cold and I do not feel that sort of sick. The only symptom I have in common is the headache.
- My luteal phase should last 13-14 days
- Cervical mucus has not increased, it is now transparent but more slippery and watery, than sticky or thick.
(I am sorry for all the questions, but I have days looking for answers everywhere, and this is really my last try to get a complete and direct answer... I do not intend going to the gynecologist because my mom does not even know I lost my virginity and I pray it can stay like that for now).... SO, do you really think I might be pregnant? Should I really worry?... If not, what should I be alert of???
I'll wait for your answer! and THANK YOU!

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Hello dear and welcome to EmpowHer,
First off, I need you to take a deep breath. You do not need to panic and I will explain why.
You cannot become pregnant because you were not ovulating. Pre-ejaculate does not always contain healthy sperm, or any sperm for that matter. But the point is that your boyfriend did not ejaculate.
Your symptoms are not caused by pregnancy. They are most likely induced by the stress and other factors.
Below I have pasted a link to an article I think you should read. It lists reasons for PMS-like symptoms and irregular periods that are unrelated to pregnancy.
I hope puts some of your worries at ease.

June 18, 2016 - 8:23pm
(reply to fchacon)

Thank you so much!!!!

June 19, 2016 - 9:20am

(*** the pain is on my right ovary*** not sure if that matters, but just in case).

June 18, 2016 - 12:54am
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