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For the third time I've been through a divorce of sorts with my primary care Dr. ~ was abrupt as well as unexpected! He says he also refuses to refill my medications without an interim period to locate another Dr. This is the third time as well as

By Anonymous February 29, 2012 - 4:47pm
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-ilists. The doctors appear to become frustrated and throw their hands up in the air, disregard my other health issues and only refer to me being depressed and that is what needs to be addressed.....several years ago a similar experience occured when I had chronic acid reflux, the Dr. requested an ultra sound ~ nothing was found and he told me it was either depression or psychological and prescribed Prozac ~ 6 weeks or so I was scoped and diagnosed with Barret's Disease (pre-cancerous cells in my esophagus) I don't believe Prozac is of help! So, what about my medication refills?

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You are totally correct! why should you fill prozac when you know real reason is precancerous cells?!! I have had this same issue with some doctors as well. I literally had surgeon who i kept vomiting and my gp wanted to make sure all was okay. Surgeon refused because he felt fibro was not a real disease..i said so what? what does that have to do with it? I also have Lupus is that not real either? He said well...i am not sure..at that point i lost my temper..said you know you really need to educate yourself much better. To refuse because you have a feeling it is in my head is risky business because if i find out it is something in my stomach i will write to medical board and report you.
He than got a lot nicer!! IT was the pills i was taking that made me puke we finally realized. But i never had stomach scope by him. I said look i don't trust you so you are not getting my business.
This same doctor...did the colonscopy on my husband. My husband is on pain meds and gets very constipated from them. He told the Dr the am of colonscopy that he did not think he was emptied out.
He said did you take all the required pre test medicine...my husband said yes but I do not think it worked. He said well it must have ...well it did not.
When my husband woke up...a photo of poo in colon along with note stating that pisses doctor off to waste his time when patient does not do pre op correctly! So this was out for all nurses to see etc. He was badly shamed when it was not his fault.
He made them find the doctor...and in front of all RN's he pointed out to doctor that did not he say that am that he felt pre op medicine had not worked that he was not all clean?.. I guess he had done so many he forgot who he was on the table and just lost his temper. In person he remembered. He said well...you should have canceled...my husbands said..if you knew your job well enough why didn't you? Plus to shame me in front of all these people when it was your problem because you did not believe me. Shame on you!
I had rheum doc...that refused to give me medicine my dentist requested he order for me (it needed monthly blood test due to severe side effects) i had severe dry mouth and was losing my teeth. He refused....when i saw him with front teeth missing he said he would..i said my dentist said it is too late now. I said because you would not order it..i am not getting dentures at 50! I kept good care of my teeth and told you repeatedly about my dry mouth you always just hummed it...same as my feet..you have not once checked the RA in my feet. he said you dont have in your feet..i replied..than why did i have total of 5 operations between the 2 trying to save joints? Like i have said in the past to you...you do not listen to me really. You hear top stuff ...easy stuff but not hard stuff. I did not fire him...but he would not let me transfer to his partner...get this..they are only 2 rheum doctors in my area and he knew it.
i refuse to go back to him....i am better off with out. I have tried some that about 2 hours away and now going even further to large city with teaching hospital that has auto immune dept.
Some doctors are old school...think they are superior which is baloney. The great ones i have found are normal people who treat us with respect and really listen to us...they usually are backed up and have long wait list to get in. But most will work through email as well phone and trust you ..that you the patient know how you are feeling best..so they will talk over with you what they think you should do but it is always both you and they that make the final decision. NOT THEM! he was idiot and you are lucky to be rid of him. i would call your health insurance report him as well as medical board if you feel up to it. Write a letter to your editor just only speak the truth so you do not slander anyone. truth is enough.
BUT i know if i am sick....often best to just let it go and work on finding decent doctor...you know a lot of lupus on line support places have find a doctor areas...some will let you put negative doctor experiences many it is only for great doctors and how to find them. GOOD LUCK..you did nothing wrong he did...it was his EGO that got in his way..he is one that needs Prozac lol!!

March 11, 2012 - 5:57am

What medication are you wanting refilled?

February 29, 2012 - 5:41pm
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