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Kidney Stones, How Can Mind, Body, Spirit Integration Aid In The Treatment Of These? - Julianna Lyddon (VIDEO)

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Julianna Lyddon discusses how mind, body, spirit integration can be an additional treatment for kidney stones.

Mind, body, spirit integration is actually a critical component in treating kidney stones. It doesn’t mean that it is a cure for kidney stones but it certainly can help be an additional treatment or modality you can use with whatever you are using currently. And the idea with mind, body, spirit integration is that we need to look at the mind, we need to look at the body and we need to look at the spirit because as human beings we are multifaceted.

For example, our mind is sending us messages all the time through our thoughts. Our body is sending us messages about its state of being and same is true with the spiritual aspect of ourselves. The spirit is there to help guide us, to help us find our purpose and direction in life and our spirit may not be able to be dissected or measured in a laboratory but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

So when we are looking at kidney stones in relationship to mind, body, spirit integration, let’s first look at the function of the kidneys. Well the kidneys are part of the filtration system of the body. They are there to filter out waste products from the bloodstream. They are there to balance the pH and water within our body. So if you are suffering from kidney stones we know that there’s a blockage of some sort.

So I want you metaphorically to ask yourself the question, where might I be blocked in other aspects of my life? For example, what we find quite frequently is that the kidney stone can actually represent unresolved issues. Unresolved issues of pain, unresolved issues of anger. So think of it like this – do you find that when you are moving through your life everything seems to be going along okay and then bang, you had a block of sorts, kind of throws you off balance; you navigate around the block; you go on down the road and then bam, you had a block again.

And you find that this pattern continues over time. You continue to hit these blockages. What are these blockages about, because quite frequently I find that the block has the same center. It has the same problem. It has the same issue that resurfaces over and over again. It may be camouflaged. In other words, it may be a different man and a different relationship. It may be a different work environment. It may be a different home environment. But the core fundamental issues tend to be the same.

So I am encouraging you today to take the time to contemplate this theme and find out if you can sift through, if you can actually dilute any of these blockages that have been plaguing you along the way. Again, this is just an opportunity to grow. As human beings we are so multifaceted, we are so multidimensional it’s important that we look at all aspects of ourselves.

About Julianna:
Julianna Lyddon, MC, is an Intuitive Energy Healing Therapist with a master’s degree in marriage, family and child therapy. With many years of experience as a practicing counselor, Lyddon focuses on helping people through self-introspection and intuition therapy. Lyddon guides her clients in utilizing their natural intuitive gifts while connecting with the many layers that lie beneath and within themselves.

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