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Dr. Christensen - Why Did You Change From Practicing Western Medicine To More Holistic Medicine? (VIDEO)

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Dr. Christensen - Why Did You Change From Practicing Western Medicine To More Holistic Medicine? (VIDEO)
Dr. Christensen - Why Did You Change From Practicing Western Medicine To ...
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Dr. Christensen shares what transition occurred that brought her away from Western Medicine to taking a more holistic approach.

Dr. Christensen:
Well, I am very proud of my training in western medicine, and the biochemistry and physiology really speaks to the scientific left-brain side of who I am. However, when I got out into practice, what I found was that the issues that were coming to me, I had not been prepared to deal with, and really what I was seeing was physical manifestations of psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues in a woman’s life, and as I started exploring other traditions of healing from Ayurvedic medicine in India to Chinese medicine to Native-American healing to shamanism and other forms of healing, and as I was going on my own personal spiritual path, I really started exploring the link between emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues and what happens to us physically. And really it was from paying attention and listening to my patients that I really began to learn a lot, and they would bring me articles or tell me, "Well, hey, you know, I am doing this meditation or I am doing this affirmations, or I am taking these nutrients," and I was open-minded enough to really start to learning about that. Also, I have had the privilege of having a number of very powerful spiritual experiences in my life, starting from the time I was a small child, and these really all were embodied in my body experiences, particularly in my first child birth which I did without any drugs and also learning about the rhythms and cycles of my own menstrual cycles and how to tune into the power and the wisdom that was there. So, it was learning those pieces all along and then incorporating them and the experience of birth and death and dying in hospital situations, particularly the juxtaposition of those two, I had some very powerful experiences which really opened my mind and influenced me a lot in what I do now.

Margaret Christensen, M.D., received her undergraduate degree from Rice University in Houston, graduating Cum Laude with a major in biology and a minor in psychology. She received her M.D. degree from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, with Honors in 1987. She subsequently pursued a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, and is a board certified Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Following completion of her residency program, Margaret became the founding partner of Renaissance Women's Health Associates, based at Baylor. This private Ob-Gyn practice was the first in Dallas to incorporate holistic models of healing in women's healthcare and was the only practice in Dallas that had Certified Nurse Midwives with privileges at a private hospital. Dr. Christensen has been a pioneer in bringing women centered, family centered care to the office and hospital setting. In her new practice, Christensen Center for Whole Life Health, Dr. Christensen continues to explore her interests in complementary medicine practices, spirituality and medicine, medical anthropology, cross cultural healing, nutrition, herbal medicine, and women's psychology integrated with findings from the latest evidenced based, western medical research.

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