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Dr. Christensen - Solving Hormone Imbalances To Deal With PMS (VIDEO)

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Dr. Christensen - Solving Hormone Imbalances To Deal With PMS (VIDEO)
Dr. Christensen - Solving Hormone Imbalances To Deal With PMS (VIDEO)
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Dr. Christensen explains how she solves hormone imbalances as a way to ease PMS symptoms.

Dr. Christensen:
With hormonal imbalance, looking at PMS oftentimes what we see is estrogen dominance, in other words a woman has too much estrogen and not enough natural progesterone. Not progestins which are in birth control pills and a lot of synthetic hormones, so I want to assess a woman’s hormonal balance looking at estrogen and progesterone in her body, as well as looking at her adrenal glands for stress response and making sure her cortisol levels are within the normal range. Oftentimes, we have been under so much stress for so long that our cortisol is very out of range. Thyroid balance can also markedly affect PMS symptoms. So it is important when looking at and evaluating somebody with PMS that I make sure they had adequate amounts of progesterone, that their thyroid is functioning appropriately and that their adrenal glands are being well supported, particularly if they are under a lot of stress.

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