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Dr. Christensen - How Does Diet Affect Menopause? (VIDEO)

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Dr. Christensen - How Does Diet Affect Menopause? (VIDEO)
Dr. Christensen - How Does Diet Affect Menopause? (VIDEO)
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Dr. Christensen explains how diet affects menopause.

Dr. Christensen:
Diet affects menopause in many different ways, because the gastrointestinal tract has so much influence on hormonal balancing, particularly from the liver, in terms of the liver does all the balancing and then the gastrointestinal tract is really important both for absorption and excretion of nutrients that affects hormonal balancing, and most people do not have any idea that those are related. But things like caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and simple carbohydrates, all the white stuff that we have typically in the standard American diet, all contributes to imbalances in the intestines, which then affect the liver which all affect hormonal balancing. A common problem is abnormal bacteria that grows in the intestinal tract because we have so much sugar in our diets and what that does is creates a lot of yeast overgrowth. Yeast is a toxin and that actually contributes to inability to excrete or get rid of used-up hormones in the body. Particularly, if we have overgrowth of yeast and other bad bacteria, that actually markedly influences menopausal symptoms.

Hot flashes can totally be exacerbated by drinking caffeine which dumps adrenaline, and adrenaline triggers the hot flash; also alcohol, because alcohol is processed in the liver with the same enzymes that process estrogen. So if you are drinking alcohol, you are going to actually displace or move off estrogen that needs to be processed and that creates fluctuations in estrogen levels in the body and that is what often triggers hot flashes or sweats. So simple things that you can do that are amazing to help with the intensity and frequency of hot flashes are no caffeine, no to limited sugar, and no alcohol.

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