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Dr. Christensen - How Do Diets Affect PMS Symptoms? (VIDEO)

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Dr. Christensen - How Do Diets Affect PMS Symptoms? (VIDEO)
Dr. Christensen - How Do Diets Affect PMS Symptoms? (VIDEO)
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Dr. Christensen shares how diets can affect symptoms of PMS.

Dr. Christensen:
Diet markedly affects symptoms of PMS really in almost three different ways. Again, most people do not realize that your gastrointestinal tract--, that means your stomach, your esophagus, your intestines-- contain 75% at least of the body’s neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Those awere the things that help our mood and affect the mood in our body. So, what we do not realize is that if you are consuming things that are creating a lot of irritation or a lot of fluctuation up and down of your blood sugar levels, you are going to actually really markedly affect things like irritability, gas, bloating, and the typical PMS symptoms. So, what is really important for women who are having a lot of PMS from a dietary standpoint is really minimizing or limiting sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and white stuff. I told them to eat clean, clean, and green and they can make a huge difference in terms of mood swings.

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