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Dr. Dina Kiseleva Discusses Selecting The Right Obstetrician

By EmpowHER
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Dr. Dina Kiseleva recalls patients interviewing her to determine if they were a good match. She emphasizes patients find a doctor who is nice, but more importantly, one they trust and is experienced.

EmpowHER Correspondent:
In business, interviewing, hiring and even firing is a natural part of managing operations. But what about managing our health? Should we think of ourselves as the boss? Should we interview, higher, and maybe even fire our doctors?

If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, your obstetrician can make a huge difference in your experience. How do you select and hire the right one for you? We caught up with Dr. Dina Kiseleva to find out.

Dr. Dina Kiseleva:
I have patients who come in simply to interview the doctor before they decide to choose whether to stay with me or us, for example – yes, we do have that and I think it’s reasonable. I think it’s reasonable that you do something like that.

If you choose the doctor it’s better to find a doctor that satisfies all of those criteria and then you stick with that doctor rather than sort of jumping from one to another, once you start, for example your perennial care.

Patients look for a nice doctor and I think this is very important. It’s very important to connect with your doctor and trust your doctor because at certain points in time when you have to make a decision that is a tough decision, you want to make sure that you trust the person who is giving you the recommendations.

So, nice is important, but it’s not everything. I think the trust is important, the expertise is important, the skills are important; those are the things.

EmpowHER Correspondent:
It is important to have a good relationship with your physician so you can best advocate for yourself and your baby. For more information to empower you and your health, visit EmpowHER.com.

About Dr. Dina Kiseleva:
Obstetrics and gynecology as a specialty was a natural choice. It allowed Dr. Kiseleva to do all that she loved, take care of women throughout their lives, from teenage years through childbearing to menopause and beyond. The discussion of birth-control method, the miracle of birth, and gynecological surgery fascinate me equally. Dr. Kiseleva is particularly committed to minimally invasive surgery. If it is an appropriate choice for mher patient, minimally invasive surgery means less blood loss, smaller surgical scars, faster recovery, and less need for pain medication.

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