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Gina Shares Her Estrogen Dominance Symptoms (VIDEO)

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Gina Shares Her Estrogen Dominance Symptoms (VIDEO)
Gina Shares Her Estrogen Dominance Symptoms (VIDEO)
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Gina introduces herself and recalls the symptoms she experienced due to estrogen dominance.

My name is Gina, and I was having some pretty serious health problems for a couple of years. I learned about EmpowHer through a very bizarre way, and so I researched it. I went on to the website and Michelle’s picture was on the front, and I recognized her and I pushed ”play” to hear her story, and that was it. It was my story, almost exactly, and I knew there was hope, and it was probably within a matter of three months that I was better.

Heavy bleeding, irregular periods, extreme highs and lows emotionally. I suffered my first panic attack. I always thought that that was just a figure of speech, “I am having a panic attack,” until I had a real one, and they were becoming more frequent, and I just wasn’t getting anywhere with the doctors as far as what they wanted to do, their procedures.

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