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Gina Shares The Advice She Got About Asking A Doctor Questions (VIDEO)

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Gina Shares The Advice She Got About Asking A Doctor Questions (VIDEO)
Gina Shares The Advice She Got About Asking A Doctor Questions (VIDEO)
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Gina shares the advice Michelle, EmpowHer's Founder, revealed about asking a doctor questions.

She immediately took the fear out of it for me. She just said, “This is your life. This is your body. You have every right to ask any question you want, and they are there to listen to you. And if you don’t like what they say, you don’t have to continue with them.” And you know, you know that, but you don’t. And I thought about, I thought, “Wait a minute. I am paying for my medical insurance every month. I am paying for this doctor visit and she said don’t be afraid to ask questions.” You have every right to say, “How do you test my thyroid? What blood tests are you ordering? No, I need you to also check for the, what did she say, the TSH levels. I want you to check my T3s and my T4s, and then I want you to . . ." Everything.

And so I went in there as though I was interviewing this doctor, and I think that for the first time I received more respect and I was listened to, and they took me seriously. “I am on the verge of ending my life. I am not going to bleed anymore for 45 days. I am not going to feel like this. I am not going to have another panic attack. I need you to help me, and you have to show me how. I need you to help me.”

And so that’s the attitude I went in with after I talked to Michelle, and it works. It works, and you know what I think, it makes the doctor feel like, “Oh, this is why I am a doctor,” because people are this pissed. They are mad that they don’t feel good, and they need help and I am the one that can give it to them. Instead of just going in and saying, you know, and then guessing. And if you have a doctor that tells you you’re whacked, well, he just doesn’t get it. So you can get up out of his office like I did and say, “I got to go.”

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