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Gina Shares How EmpowHer's Founder Advocated For Her Health (VIDEO)

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Gina Shares How EmpowHer's Founder Advocated For Her Health (VIDEO)
Gina Shares How EmpowHer's Founder Advocated For Her Health (VIDEO)
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Gina explains how Michelle, the founder of EmpowHer, advocated for her health.

It wasn’t until I went on EmpowHer that I finally realized I needed some hormones and I didn’t care at that point, side effects, it didn’t matter. I just realized after listening to Michelle’s story, and she called me. I was just amazed. I thought when I clicked on to “Share your story with Michelle,” I thought I was going to, you know, go to some group of people that worked with her and I would get an answer from somebody else, and she called me and said, “No matter what time it is, call me back.”

She left me three different phone numbers and I talked to her for two hours, and she knew who I was, she remembered me, and I don’t even know if I gave her my name, but, and everything I told her was similar to hers with the hormones. She said, “Just go to your doctor and ask them to do a full level. They’ll do certain thyroid tests, but they don’t go further and do additional thyroid tests.” And I think a lot of times what holds the doctors back are the insurance companies. They will only test so far because they are only depending on certain symptoms. “Oh, we’ll do a basic thyroid profile, and we’ll do CBC,” which is just your sugar levels I believe, and I don’t even know to be honest.

So it was after my conversation with her that I went to the doctor and I had all the blood work-up done, which you would have thought that a more extensive blood work-up would have been done prior to my two procedures.

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