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Tips For Couples With Drama

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Tips For Couples With Drama
Tips For Couples With Drama
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Author Sonya Zepeda provides tips for women in relationships with a lot of drama.

Sonya Zepeda:
Everybody has drama in relationships and I think it’s important to sort of evaluate and see what is true drama, what isn’t drama. So tips to get through those relationships.

One, if there’s a lot of drama and you’re unhappy, then simply get out. The other thing is I think a lot of times you can have relationships or friendships outside of your relationship that become toxic. I know I had a girlfriend, or I don’t even want to call her girlfriend anymore but we’ll just say a lady friend who had tons of drama, was always the victim, always showing up at out house crying, something had happened, somebody dumped her – all these things of this nature. She was the innocent victim, and everything that everybody told me about her was true.

So basically I ended up looking like the fool, cut her out of my life, but have been happier ever since because I don’t have the late night phone calls and her stopping by and I think that comes to listening to your friends. I had so many people, this wasn’t my marriage, but informing me to get out of this relationship with this girl because she was sucking the life out of me that I couldn’t see it.

So I think if you are in a relationship with a man, at some point you have to take a look and evaluate your relationship and think “Could my friends be right? I don’t know. Should I remain in that relationship?”

So I think absorbing what your friends have to say because they want what’s best for you and they’re probably not saying these things to just be spiteful towards you. They’re probably saying those things for a reason.

I would say some of the tips for a relationship with a little bit of drama is number one, you don’t always have to be right. Let it go, and as I like to say, ‘Hug it out’. Be the bigger person if for whatever reason you had to stalemate with each other and you’re carrying on, just say, “Let’s drop it. Give me a hug. Let’s just hug it out,” and call it a day. Move on. Bounce back to being the fun-loving couple that you are.

Don’t hang up on a person and don’t go to bed angry. Resolve the scenario so you can have a good sleep and start the day over fresh the next day. Be a sounding board. If you have a spouse or a significant other who has a lot of drama in their life, don’t absorb it and let it affect you. Just sort of, I like to say, pretend to be a therapist. You’re just there to listen to what they have to say. Let them vent to you; advise them and then just sort of free yourself of it and move on. That way you don’t get sucked into it with them.

About Sonya Zepeda:
She has played both the heartbreaker and the broken-hearted in this crazy world of love. Sonya has explored many methods for successfully recovering from the collapse of a relationship. She has put her heart and soul into finding out what does and doesn’t work in this process. Through family, friends and her own trials and tribulations with men, she has written an entertaining and educational break up guide that will help mend your heart, fill your belly and lift your spirits.

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