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What Is A Sensate Focus Exercise? - Dr. Klein (VIDEO)

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Watch Sex Therapist and Marriage Counselor Dr. Marty Klein explain what a sensate focus exercise is and how you can use it to increase sexual pleasure.

Dr. Klein:
Sex therapists, psychologists, physicians, and nurses, and other clinicians, we have many tools at our disposal to help us help people with sexual difficulties. One of the tools that was developed by Masters & Johnson back in the early 70s was a set of exercises called sensate focus and those are exercises in which people learned to focus on sensation and those exercises are great under the right conditions. But like all exercises, they are limited in their usefulness according to the problems that people have and the circumstances. So, if you use those exercises too early in the treatment, for example, it won’t work out very well. So, what those exercises do is they help people focus on what is going on in their sensory apparatus, their hands, their mouth, and so on.

Unfortunately, most people during sex they are not focusing on how the sex actually feels. They are focussing on, “I hope my belly is not hanging out or I hope my mother does not come up the stairs, I hope I last long enough so that she has an orgasm, I hope my hand does not get tired before he ejaculates” you know, all that kind of stuff. So, what the sensate focus exercises are designed to do if they are assigned properly, is to help people focus, to help people focus on sensation rather than distract themselves with all kinds of thoughts.

Dr. Klein, Ph.D.:
Dr. Marty Klein has been a marriage counselor, sex therapist & author for 28 years. He focuses on helping people understand and accept their sexuality, calling attention to the family, religious, cultural, and political issues that keep so many of us feeling guilty, confused, scared, and hopeless about our sexual feelings and relationships.

Dr. Klein is also the host of a sexual health show called Ask Me Anything, which airs on the EmpowHer Network. Dr. Klein is the author of five books, including, "Ask Me Anything: Dr. Klein Answers the Sex Questions You'd Love to Ask."

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