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How Does Exercise And Diet Affect Women's Sexual Health? - Dr. Goldstein (VIDEO)

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How Does Exercise And Diet Affect Women's Sexual Health? - Dr. Goldstein (VIDEO)
How Does Exercise And Diet Affect Women's Sexual Health? - Dr. Goldstein (VIDEO)
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Dr. Irwin Goldstein, MD, explains how diet and exercise can affect women' s sexual health. Dr. Goldstein has authored more than 325 publications in the field of sexual dysfunction, with 20 consecutive years of funding by the National Institutes of Health in this area. He is Editor-in Chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the official journal of the International Society for Sexual Medicine.

Dr. Goldstein:
Okay, so exercise and diet recently objectively assessed by psychometrically validated outcome scales shows that intervention over a several year period, two years, improved the sexual function, but could be the explanation. I think people feel better when they exercise. So people who are sort of low and depressed and blue and sad aren’t really excellent sexual beings, so feeling better.

It’s got to be more than that though. I would hope that diet and exercise can be shown to improve blood vessels and circulation, and they help that what we call the endothelium; these are the lining cells across blood vessels.

The study that was done actually show that there is a blood test called C-reactive protein. The C-reactive protein reflects the inflammation that goes on in the lining of blood vessels. Those women who did better on the diet and exercise regimen and had better sexual function had lower C-reactive protein. So that makes a little sense that they had just improved circulation to their genital area.

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