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What Skin Care Products Should I Use? - Dr. Steinman (VIDEO)

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Dr. Steinman shares what type of skin products women should use.

Dr. Steinman:
I recommend that woman use a relatively simple skin care regimen. They tend to get there advice on what skin care regimens to do from their friends or at the cosmetic counter and that causes them to over-purchase because the cosmetic companies always want you to buy a cleanser and toner and a moisturizer and a night cream and an eye cream and often they were not tailor-made to your individual skin. The advantage of going to a dermatologist is that we can assess your skin type and the challenges you have in your skin that could be corrected by what are called Cosmeceuticals - highly specialized but effective skin care products. I recommend a gentle cleanser. If women want to use a scrub to exfoliate, use it no more than once per week. I recommend the light broad-spectrum sunscreen and then I recommend they either use an antioxidant cream or a cream that contains Vitamin C or use the cream that contains a Retin-A like product. If there skin would tolerate that because that helps heal the sun damage, helps heal the aging on the skin, helps with fine lines of wrinkles.

About Dr. Howard Steinman, M.D.:
Dr. Howard Steinman is the first and only Dermatologist in South San Diego County fully certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in all aspects of cosmetic surgery and by the American Board of Dermatology in all aspects of Dermatology. He is one of the very few Board-Certified Dermatologists with formal residency and fellowship training in both Cosmetic Surgery and Advanced Surgical Dermatology. Dr. Steinman is the Medical Director of MD Skin Esthetics and Spa, a comprehensive Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery center located in Chula Vista, California.