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What Sunscreen Should I Buy? - Dr. Steinman (VIDEO)

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Dr. Steinman tells what type of sunscreen women should purchase.

Dr. Steinman:
So the ultraviolet light B rays are the rays that cause sun burning. They only penetrate very superficially into the skin. The ultraviolet light A rays which are touted by tanning booths and tanning parlor owners as the safer rays are actually penetrating much deeper. They are the ones that damage your collagen and aged your skin prematurely. So, if you want to make sure you have a sunscreen that has both a high sun protection factor at least 25 or 30 and also says UVA/UVB or says broad spectrum to make sure it is protecting against the ultraviolet light A. The two I recommend … the Neutrogena has a dry-touch sunscreen with Helioplex. L’Oreal has a very good broad-spectrum sunscreen, but make sure you have one that is a high SPF, sun protection factor number and also broad spectrum and use it every day because you get ultraviolet light everyday whether you are outside or inside. I tell my patients who are getting ultraviolet light not only from sunlight but through the windshield of their car, through windows from fluorescent bulbs and its cumulative effect everyday you getting ultraviolet light you are damaging your skin. So you want to use it everyday and reapply it if you are going to be out in the sun.

About Dr. Howard Steinman, M.D.:
Dr. Howard Steinman is the first and only Dermatologist in South San Diego County fully certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in all aspects of cosmetic surgery and by the American Board of Dermatology in all aspects of Dermatology. He is one of the very few Board-Certified Dermatologists with formal residency and fellowship training in both Cosmetic Surgery and Advanced Surgical Dermatology. Dr. Steinman is the Medical Director of MD Skin Esthetics and Spa, a comprehensive Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery center located in Chula Vista, California.