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Is It Possible To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym - HER Week In Health

By EmpowHER
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In this edition of EmpowHER's, "HER Week In Health", Baily Mosier discusses the possibility of losing weight without going to the gym, we also learn that men's spending habits change when there are fewer females in their area. Also we learn that internet addiction is not only real, but it can have a real detriment on your relationships as well.

Hi, I’m Bailey Mosier. This is your EmpowHER HER Week in Health.

Have you ever wished you could lose weight without actually having to go to the gym? In this week’s edition we’ll tell you how that might one day be possible. We’ll also learn that men spend more money and save less when women are scarce in their local population. And internet addiction is not only real, it can have a detriment on your real life relationships. Have a look.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School have created a pill that provides all the benefits of exercising without the exertion.

Researchers have identified a hormone naturally found in muscle cells that triggers the calorie-burning benefits of exercise. And while this pill should not replace exercise in healthy, active people, it could lead to treatments for obesity, diabetes and even cancer as well as other disorders in which exercise may benefit weaker patients.
University of Minnesota researchers found sex ratios in a population influence financial decisions…the fewer women there are, the more money men are likely to spend.
In one study, men were led to believe that women were scarce in their local communities. The men’s savings rates decreased by 42 percent and they were willing to borrow 84 percent for more money each month.

Researchers say this happens subconsciously because males become more competitive with one another for access to mates … which translates into men dropping more money on material possessions.

We’re not completely innocent, ourselves, ladies. When we know there are fewer women than men in our population, we expect men to spend more money on us.

According to researchers in London, internet addiction causes changes in the brain similar to those seen in alcoholics and drug addicts.

Researchers studied 17 men and women who were diagnosed with internet addiction disorder and compared scans of their brains to scans of 16 healthy people who weren't addicted to the web.

They found more patterns of "abnormal white matter" on brain scans of internet addicts, compared with scans of non-addicts. These ‘white matter’ areas disrupt pathways related to emotions, decision-making, and self control.
Earlier studies have found similar white matter changes in the brain scans of people addicted to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth, and ketamine.

Researchers warn that an estimated 5 to 10 percent of internet users are unable to control their usage and are considered addicts. The repercussions range anywhere from failing classes in school to ruining marriages.

That wraps up your EmpowHER HER Week in Health. Join me here at EmpowHER.com every Friday for the latest in women’s health.

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I've lost 90 pounds without exercise. That said, I'm losing the last 30 with exercise. Firming and toning is definitely needed! Also, increased muscle mass will improve my metabolism.

January 15, 2012 - 8:09am
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