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EmpowHER is attending BlogHER 2011 to interview women about their experiences in parenting and to learn from their expertise in nutrition and relationships.

EmpowHERs Coverage of BlogHer11

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BlogHER is a Place For Friends

BlogHER attendants explain how they are able to connect with friends they met on the internet and through blogging at the BlogHER expo.

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A Night at the Expo

EmpowHER's Marketing Manager, Shana O'Connor, takes us around the expo floor on the first night of BlogHer '11.

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BlogHER '11 5k Run-Walk

EmpowHER correspondent Maria Smith talks to women at the BlogHer '11 5k Run/Walk.

What Everyone Is Saying About BlogHer '11

EmpowHER Asks - Why Do You Blog?

Women's health and wellness bloggers tell why they use blogging as a way to express themselves.

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Buying Organic Really Doesn’t Have to Break the Budget

Buying Organic Really Doesn’t Have to Break the Budget

Many questions arise when deciding whether or not to buy organic food. Is it worth it? Does the value override the increased cost? What exactly does “organic” mean? EmpowHER correspondent to BlogHER, Maria Smith, helps answer those questions.

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Traveling with Children who have Food Allergies

Traveling with Children who have Food Allergies

Maria Smith, blogger and EmpowHER correspondent at BlogHER shares tips on keeping your kids out of food allergy trouble while traveling.

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