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can i be pregnant?

By May 2, 2011 - 9:22am
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hello, i would like word from mothers and expecting mothers. i have been having unprotected sex for 2 months with my boyfriend. My periods are usually heavy to light for about 5-7 days. This month my period came on time and was heavy for 2 days and very light for one day then stopped (3 day period) then a day or so later i got brown spotting. can i be pregnant?

ive took 2 pregnacy test and it said negative but it might be too early to detect

please dont say "if you get your period you cant be pregnant" because it is possible and ive been researching implation bleeding and it sounds to be that but i would like to hear from those who experienced this

*sorry if its TMI

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Hello..well, my period was 10 days late with major cramping. I thought it would start whever I cramped up but didn't. Three weeks ago, while going to the bathroom, I wiped and bit of bright red blood was on the paper...then nothing. Two weeks later the samed thing happened..bit of blood on the paper. I got my period the next day BUT I had it VERY heavy...orange in color then full force red. Then next day, nothing on the pad..only when I wiped and the next day as well. My periods have been normal lasting about 5-7 days with being light at first, then heavy, then light again, ending with brown tinge. The third day of this period my back hurt like nothing and I had BAD cramps which I hardly ever have during my periods. But again...it stopped that night. It lasted only three days with nothing on the pads the last two days. I did take a HPT a week before it started and it was NEG...I am 44 with 3 children 11-16-21 so I know if I am PREG or not...something I need to see the dr about? What do you think? Three weeks ago I felt really nausious and extremely fatigued...I am a very active person otherwise.

November 11, 2013 - 1:32pm
HERWriter Guide (reply to babygirl196944)

Hi babygirl

Thanks for your post!

Are you having unprotected sex? Pregnancy at 44 is certainly possible - but since you tested negative, we can push that to the side.

But it sounds like you could possibly entering perimenopause - the years before menopause that often start in the mid 40s. Symptoms are irregular periods, unexpected bleeding, fatigue and short term memory loss with possible night sweats.

This is a perfectly normal (albeit irritating) part of our life cycle that does not need a medical intervention unless you are in favor of HPT - something available for women without a history of cancer and something that can really ease the transition.

It can't hurt to see your doctor and have your hormones looked at to see if this could help you.

Also, bear in mind that it may not have anything to do with perimenopause and could be an indicator of an underlying health condition. If this doesn't stop this month, then seeing a doctor is a wise option.



November 11, 2013 - 2:03pm
HERWriter Guide

Hi Rachel4003

Thanks for your post!

Unfortunately, I AM going to tell you that you cannot get your period and be pregnant because this is a fact.

Some women do indeed bleeding while pregnant but it is not a "period". A lot of bleeding was called a "period" in days gone by because women did not know better and doctors did not inform them of vaginal/internal bleeding or spotting during pregnancy. Since women often assume vaginal bleeding to be a "period" it was incorrectly called that. People still call it a "period" out of habit or ignorance but it's NOT a menstrual period. Implantation is not a period - it's a tiny bit of spotting that should need no more than a panty liner. What you had is not implantation bleeding. Two pregnancy tests confirm you are not pregnant and as long as you take them at the right time (right around when you period is due or anytime after) they are as accurate as the tests at a doctor's office.

A three day period (heavy, then light) is indeed a period which means you are not pregnant. At least not this month. It sounds like you are trying so keep having sex - keep tracking ovulation - and hopefully you will have some good news soon. It can take from a month up to a year for a healthy couple to get pregnant. And please make sure what you are reading online is from a very credible source. People say all sorts of things in forums and on sites like Yahoo Answers etc that have no basis in truth. Going to credible sites (like EmpowHER!!) is your best resource for informed answers and correct information!

We wish you the best!

May 2, 2011 - 2:02pm
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