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what could be causing my lesions

By October 12, 2009 - 10:47am
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yesterday i noticed 2 lesions on my inner libia.
i haven't had any sexual contact since the start of june, and that was protected.
i have recently moved to a diferent country and what with high working hours and new environment i have been feeling incredebly tierd and run down as i have not been sleeping properly.
i recently had a sexual health check and came back cleen, so i am at a loss what might be causing the lesions. i hve 2 and have not had any before. however i do often suffer when i get run down with my back and with mouth ulcers.

could the lesions be due to my body being run down and tierd, in th same way i get mouth ulcers or is that not likly.
could it also be due to ingrown hairs as they are raised sores that feel slightly like a duct is blocked in the same way an ingrown hair does
im getting quite worried as to what might be causing them. any help would be apreciated
many thanks

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Dear Bonjalline,

I don't wish to add further to your anguish but I have genital herpes although my swab tests were returned negative 4 times initially. They had to complete a blood test to determine an acurate result. The symptoms can lie dormant for many years before presenting themselves therefore it may not have been transmitted from your current partner if this is the case.

I also have recurrent thrush, which this sounds very much like, as this can appear as lesions, ulcers, scratches and red inflammation. Most people look out for a creamy white discharge to accompany these symptoms but I do not get that and nor do a number of people.

I also suffer with recurrent mouth ulcers and I generally get them both at the same time.

It is definitely worth further investigation although I agree with Anna that it could also be a number of other factors.

Look after yourself, eat healthily, exercise and try to eliminate stress if you can, although I appreciate how difficult this can be.

October 14, 2009 - 11:48pm
HERWriter Guide

Thanks for the update.

Herpes would not necessarily show up straight away - in fact, since you are run down and stressed, this would be the time that herpes could actually show up.

But of course, it may not be an STD at all. It could be an allergy to detergent, although that should be itching or a rash, not sores. Also, if they now look like ulcers, they may not be ingrown hairs.

If they don't clear up in the next few days, please get them checked out. It's better to be safe than sorry. And if they are similar to the ones showing up in your mouth, at least you will know next time that they are harmless (but annoying and a bit painful) and to take good care of yourself (diet and exercise) in stressful times.

Keep us updated!

October 14, 2009 - 12:54pm
HERWriter Guide

Dear Bongallina.

Thanks for your question and welcome!

There are many scenarios I'm thinking of, with regard to your lesions.

One is that since you are living in a new country, you may be having an allergic reaction to their laundry detergent.

Another is that you may have contracted genital herpes and you will need to have the lesions tested. Even if you had a sexual health checkup, you may have received a false negative due to the herpes having been dormant in your system; a check up now, while you have these lesions, is a good idea. I would advise you to get checked again, and also for genital warts and or HIV. I'm not saying this to scare you, but I think another full evaluation is a good idea due to these lesions. They may be nothing to do with a sexually transmitted infection but it'd be good to get those lesions tested so you can rule an STI/STD out. Condoms are quite good at protecting some STDs (like HIV) but don't offer much protection from HPV (which can cause genital warts) and aren't wonderful at protection herpes either, due to the nature of the symptoms (for example, HIV is transmitted with fluids so condoms contain the semen that could transport the virus, but HPV and herpes have sores in and around the genitals that may be very difficult to see but condoms cover the penis only - not the surrounding areas and the infection can be dormant in your body for months or years before symptoms occur.

It's also possible you have a yeast infection. Do you have any typical yeast infection symptoms like itching, burning or discharge?

And your thoughts that they may be due to ingrown hairs - this is definitely a possibility. Do you get a bikini wax or shave? Many women get painful ingrown hairs so you may need to have that ingrown hair removed.

Since you are prone to getting ulcers when you are run down (this is also common - many people get an outbreak of cold sores when they are run down) and this may be the cause.

How is your diet? Are you eating a healthy, balanced diet? And are you experiencing any other symptoms like a mild flu or abdominal pain?

October 12, 2009 - 11:44am
(reply to Susan Cody)

i got tested for in january and have had only one sexual partner since then, who was a friend who became a b/f and also who i went to get tested with so i know HIV is ruled out (thank god)
i do shave and bakini wax yes which is why i thought that may be an issue, im greek therefore have thick black hair (its so annoying)
i noticed some itching before the lesions appered yes, i checked just and they have turned into ulcers and look just lke the ones i usualy get in my mouth.i get them in my mouth very frequently, i went 2 the doctors and she said some poepl were prone to mouth ulcers and i was one of the lucky ones who was going to get them all my life whenever i was stressed.
i used to eat pretty healthy when i liked in the uk, plently of fruit and homemade food. however since i came to the usa my diet hasnt been great, i've been eating just when i have time and not normaly very healthy foods.
if i was something like herpes would it not have shown up before now, i have had no sexual contact at all since the beginging of june which is 4 months ago.

thank for your help, its very much aprecited

October 13, 2009 - 5:58pm
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