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Food Addiction

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Dr. Pam Peeke on ABC's Nightline - Could Oreos Be as Addictive as Cocaine?

By EmpowHER
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Dr. Pam Peeke on ABC's Nightline - Could Oreos Be as Addictive as Cocaine?
Dr. Pam Peeke on ABC's Nightline - Could Oreos Be as Addictive as Cocaine?
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Are Oreos as addicting as….cocaine? 

A recent study found that fatty, sugary foods like Oreos activated the pleasure center of the brain in rats. This is similar to what happens when they are injected with cocaine. 

When researchers looked at the neuroactivity in the rats brains they noticed equal brain activity to when they are given certain drugs, like cocaine and morphine. 

Many Nutritionists and Doctors have been long saying this type of reaction to junk food may have some biological reasons behind it. 

Our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Pam Peeke says "We call them the hyper-palatables, the sugary, fatty, salty foods can be just as addictive as cocaine and other drugs." She also added, "this recent study is just another piece of the puzzle on mounting evidence that we have been accumulating over the last 10 years." 

In her book "The Hunger Fix" Dr. Peeke explains how food addiction is real and how to beat it by a science-based three-stage plan. 

What do you think about this new study? Can you relate or do you still want your Oreos? Let us know! 

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